Best Paid VPN for Dating Sites

If you are lucky enough to live in the USA, then you have the right to date any consenting adult you want, without anyone else snooping around or interfering in your business – right? Well, yes in theory but the reality is not so straightforward. There are commercial, political, and psychological reasons why lots of people would like to know exactly what you are up to in your love life – and this is a real phenomenon, not some far-right or far-left nutjob tinfoil hat conspiracy theory. A good VPN (Virtual Private Network) can stop these people and protect you. In this article, we are going to ask the question “what is the best VPN for dating sites” to make sure your private life stays private.

best paid vpn for dating sites

We are independent specialists in network security but we are also just normal citizens and are not here to just sell you some product. That’s why we are going to cover technology, but also some politics and psychology along the way.

How a VPN works with dating sites

vpn service for unblocking dating sites
A VPN (Virtual Private Network) works by connecting your Tablet, PC, smartphone, etc.) to another entirely different computer, located somewhere else in the country or somewhere in the world, over the Internet. In the case of a dating app, that means this method allows you to browse and communicate in both directions using the other computer’s internet connectivity.
So your device is masked. A good VPN provider also adds levels of encryption and hides the unique IP address of your device. Put that all together and the result is who you are talking to, what you are saying, where you are, and what device you are using, is all masked from unwanted prying eyes.

Protect your Privacy – the best VPN for Dating Sites

We’ll look at how this works in practice later with three VPNs NordVpn, ExpressVpn and SurfShark.

If you’re in a hurry, then in our opinion the best vpn service for using dating sites is NordVPN.

Why different kinds of people snoop on your dating information

Three groups would like to know as much about you as they can, and each has different motives and methods: Companies, Hackers, and Governments (our own and others).

Let’s take each of these groups in turn.

Companies want to make money from your Dating Information

vpn to access dating sites
Personal data has value to companies. The more they know about people, the more chance they have of selling something to them or selling the data to someone else. That’s what targeted advertising is based on. If you haven’t already seen the documentary The Social Dilemma, then now is a good time to check it out. This docudrama explains why social media engineers are paid large sums of money to write software that uses your data to create addictions, manipulate you, deliberately spread misinformation (if it increases profit) and reinforce fake news (if it sells more online advertising). For example, they might want to get a top rating for a product or service on Google and will attack users in various ways with techniques that cause you to behave online in ways they want. Your changed behavior helps them be top-rated, get positive reviews, get recommended etc.

The cost of all this is misinformation – it’s becoming harder to find authentic reviews and a genuine consumer review list based on what really is popular, or the best price, etc.

If all that sounds like conspiracy nutjob stuff, bear in mind the Social Dilemma filmmakers interviewed senior employees, who had worked with Facebook, WhatsApp, Google, Mozilla, YouTube, Twitter and other US tech companies. What’s more, just read up on the current US personal and business data concerns about TikTok collecting data on children, Huawei having close links with Chinese military intelligence and other worries about Chinese companies. These Chinese companies have no choice about giving your information to their government, whatever they say in public. That one reason why you should look for the best VPN for USA dating apps

Consider this, very clever AIs from these kinds of companies, running on powerful supercomputer networks, have quite possibly captured the fact you are reading this article, how long your reading session is, the IP address of the device you are using, and where geographically you are. At some point, trackers and advertising might kick into action. Why is reading this any of their business?

Hackers want to make money from your Dating Information

Your personal dating activities have value to Hackers. If they are professional hackers, they may be able to steal your identity, then use it for fraud, or to take money from one of your accounts. Or, they might use it to set up a scam or try to extort money from you. These dangerous phenomena may be far more widespread than is generally realized. Dating information is highly sensitive and people who are hit by trackers might be reluctant to report it, if they are in a community or family that is opposed to certain forms of sexuality for example. Another case is that they are still in one relationship and are trying to set up a new one.
danger of dating sites
Think of how embarrassing (or worse) that might be and you get the picture of why criminal hackers might prey on people. In some tragic cases, even blackmail and suicide has been involved.

The other kind of hacker type is the nutjobs, who hack for the sheer fun of it, or (in the case of dating sites) they are typically bigots who have something against a Race or are against a sexual orientation (especially LGBTQ+).
unblocked dating sites
These are bad people often with serious personality disorders and they might have all kinds of motives for what they want to do with your information. This kind of thing is thankfully rare – but that does not mean it never happens. That’s why VPN protection makes sense.

Governments and their agencies just want to protect you – right?

There are legitimate reasons why Government agencies want to capture data – to prevent terrorism, crime or espionage are three examples. So, if you have done nothing wrong, there is nothing to hide right?


Unfortunately, Governments and especially law enforcement agencies also attract what Psychologists call Cluster B personality types and what the rest of us call ‘bad people’. You most certainly do not want these folks getting access to your dating information. That a reason why you should use a VPN to access dating sites

That cluster B group includes Narcissists, high-functioning Sociopaths, and white-collar Psychopaths. If that all sounds a bit far-fetched, you might want to check out what former FBI Assistant Director Tom Fuentes says on the subject, or Dr. Robert Hare’s book ‘Snakes in Suits’. There is a good Jordan Peterson Youtube video on this here.

All of which applies to the public sector, government, law enforcement and big tech company executives who are all engaged in harvesting your data. Whatever the real reason (or real justification) this is also for their fun or their personal reasons.

Tom Fuentes, Jordan Peterson, and Robert Hare all explain different aspects of why it is that a proportion of law enforcement officials of all agencies, media tycoons, politicians and those running big corporations, etc. simply want power for its own sake. They enjoy snooping, they enjoy being in control and they get a kick out of pushing people around. You are their prey and they don’t have morals, only goals.

There is nothing new here, and these phenomena are well documented in film, tv and books. This goes back to Aldous Huxley and Brave New World, George Orwell’s Animal Farm and 1984, Orson Wells and Citizen Kane, Fritz Lang’s Metropolis and the Oscar winner The Lives of Others. This is not a political point- the kinds of people are just as prevalent on the left as on the right. Or, check out recent surveillance scandals we previously mentioned like the topical Facebook–Cambridge Analytica political data scandal or the Edward Snowden Mass Surveillance Scandal.

Don’t worry – not everyone in these government agency positions is like that, it is a small minority. Plus of course, we do need bad and criminal sites to be blocked. However, there is a tendency in these organizations, for these people to constantly be putting forward apparently rational arguments to increase the amount of surveillance. Because – for some of these people – surveillance is good fun.

That’s more reasons why VPN protection when using Dating apps makes sense.

The “Nanny State” problem

Some governments take managing dating sites one stage further and block them. That’s because the government has decided that their populations are not adult enough to use them responsibly. This might be because they don’t approve of Women’s rights, or they don’t allow LGBTQ+ people freedom, or they are religious zealots or totalitarian states.

One key VPN service is for unblocking dating sites. A good VPN can allow you to access dating apps. Unblocked sites can then be used just as easily as blocked ones.

The best VPNs for USA dating sites & overseas blocked dating apps

Best VPN for Dating Sites
You can use a free VPN for dating sites but ask yourself the question – why is this free?. At best, the chances are there will be no technical support to help you out. At worst, the VPN will not be secure and even compromised, which might actually make your privacy situation worse.

These are three VPN companies that are great for protecting your dating site activity and each has some special different attributes

NordVpn for Dating Apps

Nord VPN has a very secure system. They run a logging-free environment, which means what you are doing does not get recorded. Another function is obfuscated (hidden) servers – which means no one can track back to where you are. A further plus is IP masking, which stops anyone from tracing which device is active.

If you are using a dating site to make a video conversation with your date, the NordVPN can reduce “ping” time in your connection, so you don’t get latency issues – by latency we mean those awkward pauses when you are talking over the internet that can destroy the natural flow of conversation. Nord VPN consistently gets a user rating around the top of VPN providers for applications like dating and is an affordable solution.

ExpressVpn for Dating Apps

Express VPN is great if you want to bypass blocking restrictions. This is especially useful if you are on an international dating site as the company has lots of servers located worldwide – in fact in over 90 countries worldwide. The reverse is also true – if you are traveling abroad in a country with restrictions but want to continue your USA dating activity, Express VPN can help too.

SurfShark for Dating Apps

These guys have some great features like really serious bi-directional encryption. What this means is any images, audio or video you send or receive is extremely difficult to hack or for other snooping organizations to intercept and decode. SurfShark can also work with Android Emulators – that means you can make your PC work more like an Android phone or tablet when hooked up

So, there is no single ‘best’ VPN for dating sites – and we don’t think much of review sites who try to tell you that there is – as each VPN provider has some case-specific benefits.

Best VPN for Dating Apps

best vpn for usa dating sites
If you started this article thinking going on Dating sites was pretty safe, we hope we have given you some insights into the very real risks of working without a VPN. This doesn’t get much more private than your love life and frankly what you get up to with another consenting adult is nobody’s business but yours – and that included governments and big tech companies. What’s more, you don’t want to be open to phishing, identity theft, scams, malware, viruses or all the other nasty stuff that is out there. You want to focus on your love life and you have every right to do that.

So, in our opinion, the best vpn service for dating apps is Nord Vpn.

We hope you have found this article useful. Please let us know what you think in the comments section. Thanks for reading.

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