Mounting a bike rack without eyelets can be tricky. The first thing you need to do is measure how high off of the ground you want your bike rack mounted and how far out from the wall it needs to be. This will help determine how long of an extension mount you’ll need for your car or truck’s hitch receiver.

If there are no existing eyelets, we would recommend using a vehicle-specific hitch bracket that attaches directly to the vehicle’s frame and provides support for accessories such as kayak racks, snowboards, cargo carriers and more!

5 steps to mount a bike rack without eyelets

how to mount a bike rack without eyelets
Step one: how to mount bike rack without eyelets. Drive a screw into the metal frame of your car or truck and tighten it down with a wrench, enough so that you can’t pull out the screws but not too tight since this will damage the paint on your vehicle.

A rubberized washer should be used when driving in screws to protect against damaging cars and trucks painted surface.

Step two: how to install bicycle carrier without eyelets? Find an area flat near ground level where there are no obstructions such as low hanging branches, electrical wires, or sharp objects like jagged rocks that could cause harm if they hit your vehicle while backing up. This is also important because most drivers cannot see behind their vehicle while they’re backing up.

Step three: how to mount bike rack without eyelets? Place the bicycle carrier against the frame of your vehicle on an area where there are no obstructions and then position it at a height so that you can comfortably access it from the ground level, yet high enough for your bikes not to hit low laying branches or other obstacles as you drive.

Step four: how to install bike rack without eyelets? Connect one end of the strap through both loops in front of each tire with each loop going around a different part of the rim (see image). The hook should go inside between two spokes and then outwards over another spoke. Thread any excess straps through this hole before tying them off securely with a knot.

Step five: how to mount bike rack without eyelets? Now, place the back tire in between the straps where you performed step four and then tighten them by pulling on the strap until they are firm against your spokes. The front wheel should be tightened similarly after it is moved into position underneath its own set of straps which were already installed at this point during steps one through three above.

Tighten these last two sets of straps sufficiently so that there’s no slack or give as much as possible, but don’t overdo it because doing so can damage bicycle wheels and tires when driving down bumpy roads while carrying bikes.
  1. Put the bike rack on the car and make sure it’s level
  2. Find a drill with a metal bit that is slightly larger than your bolt
  3. Drill two holes in the bumper of your car, one near each end of the rack
  4. Take off the bolts from your old bike rack, put them through these new holes in your car, and re-attach them using nuts and washers
  5. Tighten up all four bolts to ensure they are tight enough to hold your bike securely but not so tight that they damage anything else around them or cause any paintwork scratches

Bike racks are a great way to keep your bikes safe and out of the way, but how do you mount one without eyelets? The answer is simple. You can use bolts or screws that will go through the frame and secure it in place.

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